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We offer our services Online and to select clients Offline / in person (In Mumbai only)
All plans start with an initial consultation and one month commitment.
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Buddy Workout Training

Buddy Workout training is ideal if you work harder and feel more motivated training with a Friend / Spouse / Partner and wish to make savings on training costs. You will both work through a common training that we create for you, and exercise alongside your partner to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Buddy Workout Training is offered Online and in person/ offline in Mumbai.

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Personal One On One Training

One on one training is ideal for you if you need a completely personal approach to your training. We will assess your current goals and together, discover fast, safe and effective ways to help you get in your best form possible and accomplish your goals.

One on One training is offered Online and in person/ offline in Mumbai.

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Group workouts are growing in popularity. If you can get together a group of 4 or more to train together, you can work out together and motivate each other to achieve goals. Alternatively, where possible, we can try pairing you with others to enable you to unlock savings.

Group Training is currently offered only Online.

Choose 3 Days / 5 Days Per Week - With or Without Diet Consultation*

*Diet Consultation - 3 Months Plan
Includes Weekly Diet Planning, Personalised daily updates on food for the day, Nutritional supplement planning & weekly evaluation and modifications as needed.


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